Intersection of Color

Gottfried Jäger

September 23th - December 11th, 2021

Opening September 23th, 2021

6 - 8 PM

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The Intersection of Color by Gottfried Jäger brings together his different approaches to photographic color formation in an exemplary manner. In this "color space" thus created, their paths cross from experiment to program, from abstraction to concretion, and from analog to computed color photographs of our time. This publication is the first coherent appearance of this group of works from 1960 to 2020. Intersection of Color is published and edited by Sous Les Etoiles Gallery in a limited edition of 100 copies. Each book is numbered and signed by Gottfried Jäger and will be launch for the occasion of Paris Photo 2021. Essays by Lyle Rexer and Bernd Stiegler.  



Over more than five decades, Jäger has explored the optics, mechanisms and materials  of photography – and in this book, color photography specifically – to produce images that have no referents, no antecedents to their own process, and no umbilical cords to an observed world. In the profoundest sense, they are unprecedented.


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On the occasion of the five years of the Musée de la Minoterie, Georges Rousse takes over the old storage room and offers a reinterpretation of this ordinary architecture. The empty place comes to life with a geometric shape that emerges from nowhere. The game of illusion created between the real space of the room and the geometric shape that settles there is total. The installation is completed with large-format photographs.

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@Marleen Sleeuwits

Dropped ceiling, site specific installation. Group-exhibition: Mind the Gap!

Museum fur Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany

Through November 4, 2021

Twelve contemporary artists from all over Europe have developed site-specific works of art for the striking museum building in the former Danube region. The focus of the exhibition is the museum space with its specific characteristics. The accessible installations and room constructions designed by the artists tie in with the given architecture. In a non-objective language of form, they deal with it in different ways.

The artists conquer the space and remodel it. They take up the architecture, reinterpret it and take elements of it as a source of inspiration and starting point for the unique installations. In this way, art and exhibition space merge into a single unit.

The exhibition says goodbye to the long-standing location on Tränktorstrasse before the museum moves into its new building on the former foundry site. Mind the Gap! represents the transition between the known and the unknown. This means the old building in the new look as well as the move to the new building. The adventure rooms give a foretaste of what visitors can expect in the new MKKD: a space for creativity and innovation.

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