French American-born Alexei Riboud is originally a graphic designer/art director educated at SVA (School of Visual Arts, New York) who worked 15 years at agencies in New York, Johannesburg and Paris before turning to photography. He is currently living in France.  

Alexei Riboud’s work is exploring the territoriality of margins and peripheries. Whether within the informal settlements in Soweto (South Africa) or in the Suburbia of Paris, he perceives these grey areas as spaces are in constant mutation through their multiple superimposed limits or layers:  the margins or peripheries reveal the evolution of a system or at least contribute to their mutation. Mostly seen as counter-space or a geography in negative (anti-geography), Riboud is bringing these margins at the center in order to turning them from negative to positive, exploring their intrinsic paradox. In fact, Riboud is attached to express a reflection on the lack of visibility of these gray or intermediate spaces, very often considered as banal, therefore without interest, and on the difficulties to build themselves into territories. 

The lights, the colors and shadow are defining the space and resize their limits.  This Visual wanderlust is like to be in exile into the vastness of Parisian “suburbia” like climbing mysterious cliff, finding trace randomly, and moving on. Therefore, Riboud highlights the power of serendipity as an effective creative force in order to feel himself in perfect synchronicity.  

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