The work of Fernando Marante (b.1973) deals with the implications of time while building the photographic image. With an abstract and very painterly language, his vocabulary draws its inspiration from a melting pot of sources that combine such different territories as the avant-gardes of the 20th century, musical language and philosophy. His work process is very manual and experimental and often resorts to electrical and light devices the artist builds in his studio. As he frequently says, his images should be seen as maps of the decisions taken during his work sessions. His interest in grammatical possibilities like variation, declination, overlapping, contraction and distention, disintegration and multiplication are always present in his photographs. 
Fernando Marante won the Paris Photo Carte Blanche Étudiants prize in 2019 and has been showing his work in festivals, museums, art biennials and art fairs. 


2021 Landscapes and Constellations, Módulo Gallery, Lisbon  
2021 The question concerning the thing, Boutographies, Montpellier 
2020 B&F, White Pavillion, City of Lisbon Museum 
2020 É pelo olhar que muda o homem, Módulo Gallery, Lisbon 
2019 The question concerning the thing, Módulo Gallery, Lisbon 
2019 The question concerning the thing, Gare du Nord, Paris 
2019 Vila Franca de Xira Photo Biennial VF18 
2018 Vila Nova de Cerveira International Art Biennial 
2018 Panorama, le Consulat Gallery, Lisbon 
2018 9:3, Ocupart, Lisbon 


Art Toronto, Boutographies (official selection), Drawing Room Lisbon, Imago Lisboa (other spaces), JustLX, Paris Photo, PHotoEspaña (Descubrimientos). 

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