Carolle Bénitah, Jamais je ne t'oublierai

"I collect anonymous photographs that I buy in flea markets. I am magnetized by the happiness displayed at attention in these photos, by these people I don’t know but who existed, loved, and disappeared. They are ghosts who follow me quietly, and I take them over to build an imaginary family album in order to repair oblivion....

...I choose photographs that evoke something déjà-vu, a familiar pose, happy moments that illustrate all those fables told about ancestors. This happiness, ritualized as events unfold, refers to the lies about the family myth. It removes the dark matter related to the family, which is precisely absent from these photographs...."  Carolle Bénitah

Design by Teresa Piardi

Curated by Laura Serani


Size of the book: 20,7 x 22,5 cm

56 pages – Duo tone printing + golden hot foil stamping. Japanese binding with a spiral.

First Edition: 1000 copies

Published in English – French


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