Award-winning Magdalena Solé, New Delta Rising

Award-winning photographer Magdalena Solé spent a year interviewing and photographing hundreds of residents living in the iconic Delta region of Mississippi, also known as "the most southern place on earth."  Solé shows their personal lives with dignity, conveying not only the community's resilience, but also it's warmth and hospitality.

"New Delta Rising is a stunning portrait of the Mississippi Delta that captures both the voices and faces of a people, their homes, and their landscape with hauntingly beautiful images.  Magdalena Solé is an exceptionally gifted photographer whose rich, color images bring clarity and new understanding to this complex region."
- William R. Ferris, American author and scholar

Hardcover, 160 pages

9.5 x 12.125 in.

Published by University Press of Mississippi and The Dreyfus Health Foundation

Texts by Rick Bragg, Barry H. Smith and Tom Lassiter


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