Luuk de Haan, b. 1964 in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, explores historical techniques wherein camera movement and light sources, designed in advance, determine shape and composition.  This approach creates a surprising amount of movement and depth; it lives.  The same determination in shape, composition and color is found in his drawings, which are achieved with contemporary tools like software programming and a digital pencil.

Besides his photographic work, Luuk de Haan also composes music. 

2016   big nothing, curated by Richard Caldicott, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York, NY
2015   Silence out Loud, curated by Joost Zwagerman, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen
               Blind Date II, Dapiran Art Project Space, Utrecht
               Modest Masters, Oude Hof, Bergen
               René Descartes, duality or non-duality, Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam
2014   Inspiratie - kunst, kennis en natuur, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen
2009   Bergen Geestgrond, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen

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